Gothenburg Escape Game

Can you complete your objective in time?

We currently have 3 unique escape game challenges,
with a new escape game being released later in the year.

The Bank Heist

Unlock the doors, disable the alarm, reach the vault and steal the diamond.

Primakov's Bunker

Find the command center, crack the codes and disable the bomb in time.

The Infinicorp Laboratory

Search the laboratory for evidence of the crimes committed therein.

Claustro's House

Investigate Claustro's House for suspected illegal activities

Escape Game:

The Bank Heist

You have made it into the lobby of an old bank.
It is the middle of the night, The bank is locked down and the lights are out.
Silently improvise your way to the vault and steal the diamond.
But you must hurry, because in exactly one hour the nightly patrol will come....

The Bank is a great first challenge for persons new to Escape Games.
The Bank Heist features a wide range of puzzles that utilises teamwork and creative thinking.
Both The Bank Heist A and B escape games contain similar puzzles, but with varying difficulties.
Bank A is designed to be significantly more easier to accommodate for families with younger children.
Children aged 10 years and upwards will appreciate the game, but it is strongly recommended to have at least one adult in each team.

The Bank Heist A

The Bank Heist B

Primakov's Bunker

Reach the command center and stop the count-down before the bomb goes off

General Primakov has started a countdown for his bomb, we do not have any information on his whereabouts.
Fortunately we have located his hidden bunker, it appears we can disarm the bomb within the command center.
We are sending your task force to infiltrate the facility and stop the count-down.
Everyone is relying on you to get in and stop that timer before it is too late....

Primakov's bunker is an escape game that is designed for teams of 3 to 6.

Escape Game:

The Infinicorp Laboratory

The InfiniCorp Laboratories are conducting research on human muscle tissue development. Lately, rumors of illegal activities has surfaced, you and your team have been asked to enter the facility during the weekend when no-one is expected to show up and collect evidence.

The Infinicorp Laboratory is a dynamic take on the room escape game concept. Featuring a unique setting with challenging puzzles.
This escape game is not to be taken lightly, and is designed for people who are looking for a real challenge. It is built with techies and engineers in mind, so expect a hard challenge not accessible to a broader audience.
Multiple objectives can be achieved, but it takes a great team to be able to complete them all. Currently The Infinicorp Laboratory is in the beta stage, if you wish to attempt this challenge contact us via phone or email

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Bookings may be cancelled up until game start at no cost. Cancellation can only be done by sending an email to, quoting the date, time and game that has been booked. Pre-paid bookings, or booking where an invoice has been ordered cannot be cancelled.

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Be sober!

This is primarly a challenge for the mind. Drinking alcohol before the game will lower your performance and you will not fully enjoy the game. You may not be allowed access to the game if on-site staff considers your level of intoxation a risk.

cctv surveillance and recording of games

All games are fitted with cctv surveillance cameras. All games are recorded and stored. We may transmit game images to team members, but we do not publish them openly unless specifcally agreed upon.
The purpose of the video surveillance is:

  • To reduce the risk of intentional damage
  • To improve the game experience of on-going games
  • To analyze game event in order to improve future games
  • To provide memorable pictures for team members

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    Escape Game:

    Coming autumn 2016 - Claustro's House

    Here at Gothenburg Escape Game, we are always looking to create further experiences for our guests
    We currently have in the development stage a new room escape game, project named Claustro's House

    Story synopsis:
    Suspected drug peddler and "The Master of Legal Highs" has been distributing his products via online sources.
    Without enough evidence to convict him, your team must operate off the books and investigate his apartment.
    Having staked out his premises via a neighboring apartment for weeks, your team has grown impatient.
    Enter Claustro's House to retreive enough evidence to warrant a thorough investigation.

    Most fun activity in Gothenburg!

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